Thought for Today

Steady Light of Hope

No matter how dark the situation, let me always hold on to the steady light of hope.

Happy New Year

Hope your New Year is off to a good start!
What do you want the theme for 2023 to be?
What would you like more of this year?
What small steps will you take to make this happen?


The power of Truth is such that you need never be concerned about proving it. You need only be concerned with being it and living it. Truth is always revealed, at the right moment, at the right place.

Company of Thoughts

What's better than an event with good company! The one constant company you have is your thoughts. Are you keeping good or bad company of thoughts?To keep good company, a) be mindful of what you're thinking, b) change any not so good thoughts to positive ones, and c) feed your mind content that's filled with goodness. Keep the good company of positive thoughts and you'll make every day an event!

Give and Receive

Give others what you want from them. Whatever it is that you want from others; respect, care, help, forgiveness.... start by giving others your respect, care, help, forgiveness....Give, and you may receive back what you give. And even if you don't receive anything back, it's OK, because when you give to another, you simultaneously give to yourself.

A Little Courage And Some Letting Go

It takes honesty as well as courage to give ourselves a good shake and see things for what they are, not what we imagine them to be.

Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Most of us are very good at focusing on people's weaknesses! Today, challenge yourself to identify the strengths in others; whether they're your family, friends or colleagues.
Focus on people's strengths rather than their weaknesses and you'll bring out the best in them and leverage their talents and capabilities.

Lots of Thoughts

When you have a lot of thoughts running in the back of your mind, close the irrelevant thoughts, just as you close all the open windows or apps on your computer, phone or other devices.
Try this, and focus on one thing at a time and make your mind work more effectively.

How Not to Be

When you come across someone you find difficult, take it as an unexpected opportunity for growth.1) Identify the behaviour(s) that you find difficult.
2) Note it down as tips for 'How Not to Be.'
3) Understand what this can teach you about 'How to Be.'

Truthful, Tactful, Kindful

Truth builds trust. But sometimes truth hurts. So, are you always truthful? Do you choose tact over truth, or can you be both truthful and tactful?
Whether you're voicing your opinions, declining a request or giving feedback, can you be truthful in a kindful way?

Supporting Others

Supporting others is important but if it leaves you feeling exhausted, you may need to set boundaries to protect your energy. Identify and communicate your needs. Because taking good care of yourself makes you better able to support others.

Comparing Yourself

Comparison can motivate you, but it may also feed your ego and insecurities. So, instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself.Should you compare yourself to who you were or who you want to be? What will enhance your growth?

The Quality of Mercy

A person with the quality of mercy works on such a subtle level that the support given never demeans or implies weakness in the other person.

Over- Thinking

The biggest disease of the mind is over-thinking, especially too much thinking about others. Thinking too much is like eating too much. The heaviness makes it impossible to remain light and flexible.

Understanding Love

We seek love on the outside when really, it lies within. We fetter love with need and dependency, and make it conditional when love is actually unconditional and for all.
Today, rethink your understanding of love and how you can be more loving towards all.

Pure Love

If we obey the principle of pure love, our life will always go in the right direction. Altruistic and unconditional love is pure and comes from our inner truth. When we are obedient to that inner truth, our life becomes a joyful dance. 

Grow Your Mind

It's time to start doing a bit of mind gardening. What will you grow in the garden of your mind this year? Before you start planting anything, you may want to remove the weeds of negativity that have taken root. Then, start planting seeds of positivity. Cultivate your mind with patience and regularly prune away any limiting beliefs. And watch the garden of your mind bloom. 

 Garden Meditation

This week, go to a garden and use the tranquillity of nature to meditate. Sit and breathe in the fresh air and exhale out any stress. Let the sounds of nature, leaves rustling, birds chirping, be your meditation music.
Notice the flowers, the plants, the trees, and take in all of the colours, the light, the fragrance, and let it elevate your mood and energy.  

Planting For Your Future

Now is the time when gardeners start a) thinking about how they want their garden to look in the spring and b) planting vegetables and flowers for spring.
In the same way, let's start thinking about what we want the months ahead to look like. Think about what you want to achieve and experience, and what you need to do to get there. Start planting for your future. 



 It is easy to care for others or material possesions when we know that they belong to us. When it comes to the self we may sometimes forget our true values and qualities we possess. We take ourselves for granted, falling into a habit that may not be healthy for us and the impact then affects others. 

Natural Caring

Nature is always giving to us the support of light, food, water and a place to live in. It's important to acknowledge how the earth has supported us. People around us are also giving, it could be through the services we receive or the support we may require. If you look at the bigger picture you can see how we are all interlinked. With that in mind check how much you are giving and how much you are taking. Let us all become great donors by nature.

Good Wishes

Our thoughts have power, this power can transform the vibrations in the worlds and these vibrations, in turn, can bring about the change required to shift any obstacle. We often live unconsciously letting these thoughts go to waste. In meditation, we are consciously becoming aware of these thoughts and start using them more positively. When we do ...


Forgiveness and Reconciliation Forgiveness means to "give" this means to offer compassion love, affection, good wishes and have pure feelings towards the self and others. It is also about letting go of the past and focusing on the now. It's also vital not to play the blame game but to accept what is and see it as part of a ...  

Positive Thinking 

The mind likes to think, to explore, to ponder and to consider. It is, of course, necessary to think. However, it is not necessary to overthink, but that is exactly what, only too often, we do. If we think wasteful thoughts, the mind will go into the depths and breadth of that waste thought, turning it over and over in our mind, one ...

Letting Go 

In today's world, we need to change our focus from "What is wrong" to "What is right" when we make this shift in our consciousness then we automatically bring new light to our very being. Gratitude lifts the spirits and when this occurs your health improves and relationship becomes healthier. Consequently, the vibrations around you change and you would become ...  

Going forward

In order to bring about permanent change there comes a time when we need to look at what are we holding on to that is holding us back. Reflecting on this can allow dependencies to become supports to help us move forward instead. To be truly free there is a level of faith in oneself and in other, ...