Heart to Heart

Grow Your Mind

It's time to start doing a bit of mind gardening. What will you grow in the garden of your mind this year? Before you start planting anything, you may want to remove the weeds of negativity that have taken root. Then, start planting seeds of positivity. Cultivate your mind with patience and regularly prune away any limiting beliefs. And watch the garden of your mind bloom. 

Compassion Challenge Day 7

Good Wishes 

Our thoughts have power, this power can transform the vibrations in the worlds and these vibrations, in turn, can bring about the change required to shift any obstacle. We often live unconsciously letting these thoughts go to waste. In meditation, we are consciously becoming aware of these thoughts and start using them more positively. When we do ...

Compassion Challenge Day 6


 It is easy to care for others or material possesions when we know that they belong to us. When it comes to the self we may sometimes forget our true values and qualities we possess. We take ourselves for granted, falling into a habit that may not be healthy for us and the impact then affects others. The state ... 

Compassion Challenge Day 5


Nature is always giving to us the support of light, food, water and a place to live in. It's important to acknowledge how the earth has supported us. People around us are also giving, it could be through the services we receive or the support we may require. If you look at the bigger picture you can see how we are all interlinked. With that in mind check how much you are giving and how much you are taking. Let us all become great donors by nature.

Compassion Challenge Day 4


Forgiveness and Reconciliation Forgiveness means to "give" this means to offer compassion love, affection, good wishes and have pure feelings towards the self and others. It is also about letting go of the past and focusing on the now. It's also vital not to play the blame game but to accept what is and see it as part of a ...  

Compassion Challenge Day 3


Positive Thinking The mind likes to think, to explore, to ponder and to consider. It is, of course, necessary to think. However, it is not necessary to overthink, but that is exactly what, only too often, we do. If we think wasteful thoughts, the mind will go into the depths and breadth of that waste thought, turning it over and over in our mind, one ...

Compassion Challenge Day 2

Letting Go 

In today's world, we need to change our focus from "What is wrong" to "What is right" when we make this shift in our consciousness then we automatically bring new light to our very being. Gratitude lifts the spirits and when this occurs your health improves and relationship becomes healthier. Consequently, the vibrations around you change and you would become ...  

Compassion Challenge Day 1

Going forward

In order to bring about permanent change there comes a time when we need to look at what are we holding on to that is holding us back. Reflecting on this can allow dependencies to become supports to help us move forward instead. To be truly free there is a level of faith in oneself and in other, ...