Dadi Janki 

What does it mean to love yourself? It's not really about the feeling of love, but about recognition of what is valuable to the self. When you recognise the value of something, you bring it into your life and it benefits you. Those who have tasted the sweetness of maintaining pure and positive thoughts for the self do not get involved in lesser matters.Pure and positive thoughts create good vibrations and a good atmosphere. To realise the self, to stay in good vibrations and to draw a pure current from God - this is a feeling of friendship for the self. This is what it means to love yourself. When we love ourselves and bring benefit to ourselves, then automatically we will want to bring benefit to others. We will not see anyone's weaknesses or defects. We will make our thoughts subtle and positive, so that they are beneficial for everyone.Never become tired of loving the self. When I love and respect myself then I can offer love and respect to others.

With love, Dadi Janki.