A contribution to the Great Big Green Week

When we think of the environmental crisis we often look to governments and world leaders for solutions. But as well as considering the bigger picture, perhaps we need also to look inwards. If I want to live in a more harmonious way with nature and the world around me, to what extent do my inner world and activity reflect that? Meditation helps us to increase our inner awareness. As we clean out our inner world, we contribute to making the outer world a kinder, safer and more beautiful place for all living beings.

Join Linda Lee and Joanna Kitto in a conversation exploring their own personal inspirations and challenges on the journey to living a more planet-centred lifestyle.

Linda Lee has been a student with the Brahma Kumaris for over 35 years. She has travelled to various countries around the world sharing her enthusiasm for the practical and yet simple way of life that the Brahma Kumaris wisdom teaches. She has a lot of love for Mother Earth and encourages everyone she meets to look deeper at all the environmental issues that are erupting around the planet. Linda is based in Brighton and coordinates events all around the south coast.

Joanna Kitto is the coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris activities in the Isle of Man. Now mostly retired, Joanna formerly worked as a Psychology lecturer in Hong Kong and the Isle of Man. Since retiring, Joanna has had time to pursue her interest in Ecopsychology and the environment and is the UK co-ordinator for the BK Environment Initiative in the UK.

The Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative has just launched BK Eco News. 

It will be issued 3 times per year. We hope you find this new opportunity useful.



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